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                    Zhengzhou Vocational College of Information and Engineering founded in 1989, authorized by the People's Government of Henan Province and registered in  the Ministry of Education, is a full-time, comprehensive and higher vocational college. Specializing in engineering, the college adopts a full development mode among these disciplines, i.e. science, management, economics, literature, and arts, for the national unified enrollment. The college adheres to the motto of “Hou De Chong Xin, Bo Xue Shang Ji” that is, being honest, knowledgeable and skillful, aiming to build a garden-style campus, determining to cultivate multi-skilled and high-quality comprehensive talents in the 21st century, and being fully committed to cultivating and delivering the skills that are currently in short supply in society. Since the establishment, the college has been the best among the similar institutions in terms of the schooling level, teaching quality, software and hardware facilities, logistics services, campus environment, and student employment rate, enjoying high popularity and reputation both inside and outside the province.

                    The college is seated in Zhengzhou City, the provincial capital of Henan, a famous, scenic, and rich city historically and culturally in the middle part of China and is adjacent to a vocational education park in the west, Zhengzhou-Xi'an high-speed railway in the south, and Zhengzhou Zhongyuan West Road Landscape Avenue in the north. It is an ideal place for students to study and live with the elegant environment , the convenient transportation, the superior geographical position, and the attractive trees and flowers,

                    The college owns the professional teaching staff, of which 35% of the teachers have senior title, with rich teaching experience, reasonable knowledge structure and dedicated spirits, making remarkable achievements in teaching and research. The institute at present consists of three Schools, four Departments and two Teaching Divisions, namely School of Information, Finance and Economics, International Educational, Department of Art, Management, Architectural Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Basic teaching division and the affiliated technical secondary school. The college is equipped with advanced computer center, rail transit training center, CNC machine tool training center, automobile training room, building construction technology training room, e-commerce training room, environmental art training room, dance rehearsal hall, piano room, performance room, accounting simulation room, guest room training room, chinese and western food training room, tour guide training room, studio, library, reading room, multimedia classroom, language lab and all kinds of learning, living and entertainment facilities are available.

                    The college invites well-known university professors and enterprise experts from Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, Central University of Finance and Economics, Nankai University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Zhengzhou University, Henan University, Henan University of Economics and Law, Zhengzhou Yuanda Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd., Beijing Wutong Space Network Technology Development Company, Henan Huaqi Yunhang Computer Technology Co., Ltd, to frequently address academic reports. Embracing the international education philosophy in line with international education, the college strategically cooperates with hundreds of employers inside and outside the    provinces to form a school-enterprise integration, production-study integration teaching model and order-based talent training mode. At present, the student entrepreneurship association’s existence in the college provides practical places and policy support for brave students in entrepreneurship, forming a one-stop service model for employment, further education and entrepreneurship. In order to cultivate students' good behavior habits, our school is a detachment of the Henan Army Reserve Anti-aircraft artillery repair camp and opens military classes, the Hun Yuan Tai Chi training base of Zhengzhou branch of the International Hun Yuan Federation, and opens Hun Yuan Tai Chi classes. It is our goal to set up a modern vocational college making students and staff happy, enterprise satisfied, parents reassurance and gaining government support.



                    Subject classification


                    School of Information

                    Software Technology

                    Computer Application Technology

                     Computer Network Technology

                     Computer Information Management

                    Communication Technology

                    Big Data Technology and Application


                    School of Finance and Economic


                    Financial Management


                    Logistics Management

                    Accounting Management


                    Internet Banking


                    International School

                    Business English

                    Computer Network Technology

                    Mechatronics Technology


                    Department of Management

                    Urban Rail Transit Operation Management

                    Hotel Management

                    Air Crew


                    Department of Art

                    Interior Art Design

                    Music Performance

                    Character Design

                    Advertising Design and Production

                    Preschool Education


                    Department of Construction Engineering

                    Architectural Engineering Technology

                    Building Decoration Engineering Technology

                    Project Costs


                    Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

                    Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Technology

                    Mechatronics Technology

                    New Energy Vehicle Technology



                    Contact Information

                    Zhengzhou Vocational College of Information and Engineering Official Website

                    No.19 Taojia Road,Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, P.R.China. Postcode: 450121

                    E-mail: 764460677@qq.com

                    機構首頁 |信息學院 |財經學院 |國際學院 |藝術系 |機電工程系 |建築工程系 |管理系 |基礎部
                    版權所有:鄭州信息工程職業學院 校辦電話:0371-64966607 傳真:0371-64966607

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